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I'm gonna start using Livejournal again!

I'm gonna try to rewrite the Odette story!

I'm not gonna reblog anything and my comments are gonna be threaded!

2017 is gonna be great!
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This journal will no longer be updated.

As of January 2010, this journal is archive-only. All entries except for fanfiction have been locked.

If you are looking for a particular story, please consult the "fic" tag or the tag for the individual fandom.

If you need to reach me, you can email me at the address listed in my userinfo.
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I rise from the ashes, bearing fic.

So, despite my fannish absenteeism, I have acquired a new fandom: True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries. And despite myself, I ended up pounding out like, 11k worth of fic over the last three days.

It's way too long for one LJ post and I don't feel like breaking it up into multiples, so I'm linking to my ff.net account instead. Not my primary account, but the one that hosts my HP badfic. Let that be a warning to you.

We Who Are Alive and Remain
by Branwyn

fandom: True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries
pairing: Eric/Sookie
rating: M
warnings: no idea, honestly.
notes: book canon. Seriously, seriously book canon, like, if you've never read the books, you're not even going to recognize Eric, cause he's a totally different character. I can never keep the book titles straight, but it's set after book five and before...book eight, I think?

summary: Sookie loses control of her telepathy. Since there isn't a single vampire she knows who wouldn't kill her if word got out she could read vampire minds, she's basically waiting to die.


PS: For some reason, only the dropdown menu on chapter one links to the epilogue at the moment. I don't know why. So if you get to the end of six and can't find the ending, just backbutton.
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Hi everybody.

In January, I retired this journal (and my involvement in fandom) because I made a committment--a New Year's resolution, in fact--to write a new draft of my novel from start to finish. I started the novel in 2006, when I was still unemployed, living with my parents, and had no prospects of anything but a short, miserable life smoking myself to death in my parents' backyard.

So, even though it's 4 am and none of you are awake and I'm too tired to say this properly, I wanted to tell that a few minutes ago I finished the novel, two months before my self-imposed deadline. For a long time, I never really expected I would get to this point. I suspected I didn't have it in me to ever finish anything that mattered. But then it happened, so I guess I do.

I wouldn't have been able to write it if I hadn't finally, two years ago, risen out of the mire and found a job that suited me and an apartment away from my parents. And I would never have done that if, through this journal, I hadn't found a community of people who buoyed me through the isolation and self-loathing of pretty much my entire early twenties.

A number of you followed me over to bnharrison, my writing journal, and I continue to be grateful for your support there. Some of you didn't, which I understand, so I wanted to tell you that I miss you and think of you often, and consider you to have played a part in the general not-suckiness of my life as it is now.

I'm taking a break to let the novel percolate before revisions, and while I know that there may never be a time in my life when I will have room to participate in fandom the way I used to, I do have some fic that, after two years, still seems to want to be written. So I may be posting some stories in the near future. Harry Potter, it turns out, is the one fandom I seem destined never to leave quite behind.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the news. I hope you're well.
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does anyone even read HP fic anymore? :-D

Never Entirely Free
by Branwyn

fandom: HP
pairing: Sirius Black/Rose Potter
notes: Part of my girl!Harry AU; set during Girl in the War, five months before Twelve Hundred Hours
rating: a hard R, I'd say. If you want to get an idea what to expect, see the Year Five section of "Girl in the War".
warnings: no actual sex, but themes of dubcon, indecent liberties with a minor, and the confused, burbling morass of teenage female sexuality that is the main character.

summary: Every relationship in Rose's life is more complicated than it ought to be.

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more fic for a fandom of 5.

A Spark in Drought
by Branwyn

fandom: Mary Russell
pairing: Russell/Mahmoud
setting: Justice Hall
notes: Sequel to my other R/M story, "A Thousand Times"


...I wanted only to die, moon-dark, blessed,

Poised beneath the driest arrows of my suffering,
Far from the flocks of burning, singing gulls,
Face to face with the God of my childhood.

Noelle Kocot

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what the hell just happened, I mean, ~*fic*~!

So I sort of stopped writing fic like a year ago, but a few weeks ago The Language of Bees came out and jump started my old passion for the Russell/Holmes books by Laurie R. King, and the next thing you know lizbee wanted a story, and I wrote it.

A Thousand Times
by Branwyn

fandom: Mary Russell
pairing: Russell/Mahmoud
spoilers: BEEK and OJER. AU that takes place in the Palestine adventure in 1919.
warnings: character death and torture
notes: lizbee made me do it.

Come, come, whoever you are.
Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.
It doesn't matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, even if you have broken your vow
a thousand times
Come, yet again, come, come.


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Hamlet: Act 4, Scene II

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one of these mornings
by Branwyn

fandom: Doctor Who
spoilers: through "Journey's End"
rating: PG
notes: Gratuitous 4x13-compliant fixit fic, with added baby. Not Doctor/Donna, exactly, but definitely DoctorDonna. Thanks to prof_pangaea for hand holding and idea-wrangling.

summary: Donna comes back to herself.

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it's your own fault for still being up at this hour.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Awesome,
To Sue Her Is To Love Her

by lizbee

cesario: I once did a corn maze at night.
lizbee: Oooh, scary.
cesario: Everyone else seemed to think so. Unfortunately I was born with a keen sense of direction and was out in five minutes.
lizbee: Man, GoF would have been really anticlimactic if you'd been a Champion.
lizbee: Aside from the bit where Voldemort killed you, I mean.
cesario: So in this scenario am I Krum, Cedric, or Fleur? Or a fifth champion, representing the homeschooled wizard students of America?
lizbee: Oh, definitely the latter.
lizbee: You're there because all the other homeschooled wizards were burnt at the stake by their pastors.
lizbee: You just happened to be fireproof.
cesario: ...you're sort of taking away from the awesomeness implied by my l33t maze-navigating skills, here.
lizbee: Oh, sorry, right.
cesario: How did I not die in the first two tasks?
lizbee: 1. What was the first task again? Oh right, dragons. You transfigured the dragon's legs into Easter eggs, which effectively immobilised it, but you were later censured by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dragons. Which is to say, Hagrid stopped inviting you around for tea.
lizbee: 2. Obviously, the second task was especially challenging, what with how you loathe the water, and yes, a scottish lake is a far cry from Florida beaches, but it does have a squid. Fortunately, your trusty offsider had befriended the squid, and in fact persuaded it to assist you in your search. Which was good, because your offsider was the cherished object you had to rescue, and she's not too happy about being an "object", actually. Once you'd gotten over your initial reaction (OH SHIT ITS EYES ARE AS BIG AS MY HEAD WOULDN'T IT BE EASIER TO SET PROFESSOR SNAPE UP WITH MADAME PINCE FOR A NIGHT OF HOT LOVING???), it was a successful task.
cesario: ...did you actually just force me to band together with a squid?
cesario: A for-fuck's-sake squid?
lizbee: Yes.
lizbee: Sorry.
lizbee: It was the only thing I could come up with.
lizbee: And, you see, if I'm trapped at the bottom of the lake, I need rescuers I can rely upon
cesario: ....*sigh*
cesario: fine.
cesario: What about the Third Task?
lizbee: The real challenge with the maze was escaping Moody.
lizbee: Fortunately, your unerring sense of direction took you straight into the maze, out of his direct reach, and when Krum attempted to cast Crucio on you, you shot off a nicely judged dentistry hex (toothus britishus) and for the next few minutes he was distracted by the teeth growing through his chin.
cesario: Yes, I've always been fond of that one. I had extra tutoring from my American dueling coach in toothus britishus. We do like to laugh at the English.
lizbee: Have you ever read Elizabeth George's novels?
cesario: No.
lizbee: VOLDEMORT!
cesario: What, it's a three-way tie? Why don't I stun Harry and Cedric and run for the cup myself?
lizbee: Feel free, but you'll still die.
cesario: Yes, but I risk upsetting the plot of the book.
lizbee: Yes, true.
cesario: Actually, by preventing Voldemort taking Harry's blood, I will basically damn the wizarding world to eternal tyranny and slavery.
cesario: Unless you stop me.
lizbee: Hey, I didn't say you made a good Sue.
lizbee: But the important thing is that Snape won't end up dead in a shack.
cesario: Now, I just don't see that.
cesario: Unless you're predicting that my death leaves him so distraught he leaves his job as a spy and retires to the south of France.
lizbee: Yes.
lizbee: Because you were the greatest student he never had.
lizbee: He and the squid mourn you together on the shores of the Mediterranean.
cesario: Did they hang black Sparklypoo banners in the Great Hall when I died?
lizbee: Yes.
lizbee: They were black with glittery bits.
lizbee: It was very sad.
lizbee: Harry cried for days.
lizbee: Rita Skeeter wrote your unauthorised biography.
cesario: Harry caught a cold wandering through the maze for hours after Moody sealed off the exits and I cheated him out of the---oh.
lizbee: Although truthfully, she just cobbled it together out of unpublished novels and bits of fanfic.
cesario: THAT BITCH


"We must remember," said Dumbledore, weeping openly, "that, faced with the choice between what is right and what is easy, Branwyn chose what is--" He broke off as Snape stood up, leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Ah," the headmaster added, "Professor Snape has just informed me that he has completed his tests on the contents of Branwyn's hip flask, and the following students are to hand over their stills and present themselves for detention immediately after dinner: Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Ginny Weasley--"

"Ginny!" Ron whispered.

"Branwyn said she'd teach me how to mix a martini," said Ginny unblushingly, "and Professor Snape was really impressed with my potions marks this year--"

At the Head Table, Snape had drained Branwyn's hip flask dry, buried his face in his hands and begun to sob.

"Oh, Severus," said McGonagall.

"You try buying Bombay Sapphire on a teacher's salary," Snape sniffled, "Branwyn's bathtub gin was almost as good, and only two seventh years have gone mad so far..."

The entire Head Table broke down in tears.

cesario: I like how you basically imply that Branwyn Sue is a witch flapper.
lizbee: You keep all kinds of potions in your garters.
lizbee: And solve crimes.