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Well then.

Just as a general FYI, my father went into the hospital yesterday morning for uncontrolled bleeding following a colonoscopy. He was supposed to be released this morning, but for reasons I'm not clear on, he's staying another night.

The reason I'm not clear on the reasons is, essentially, my mother. And since no entry about my family would be complete without a story about how my mother is fucked in the head, let me tell you how she told me about Dad going to the hospital yesterday.

Scene: Branwyn's book room. The ugly specter of insomnia hangs heavy on her brow. Branwyn lies on the couch, attempting to snatch a few hours of sleep before going to work.

Her cell rings.

Bran: *bleary* "...yes, hello."
Mom: "Hi. I need you to do me a favor."
Bran: "...right, okay."
Mom: "Can you go downstairs and get my portable DVD player, then go look in a box on the table in the laundry room and get that DVD with all sorts of Westerns on it?"
Bran: "..."
Mom: "And then bring it to me at work?"
Bran: *looks, despairing, at clock* "Is this really quite important? Because it's going to be massively inconvenient." NB: It's thirty miles out of my way to work to get to Mom's office. She knows this.
Mom: *stiffly, in a tone of faint injury* "It's important to me."
Bran: *sighs, mourning for lost opportunities of sleeping* "Alright, I'll call you back."

Scene: Branwyn, in a sleep deprived haze, wanders around the house, somehow managing to shower, dress, pack things, create worksheets for job, and do a little writing, all without consciously processing a bit of it. Gets in car. Drives for twenty minutes. Is half way to Raleigh when realizes, O HAI I LEFT MOM'S CRAP IN A BAG BY THE DOOR.

Mom: "Hello?"
Bran: "Ok, I need to know if this is really, really important, because I got your stuff and then forgot it at the house. I've just barely got time to turn around and get it, if you---"
Mom: "No, that's ok. I was going to take it to your dad in the hospital, but it turns out he doesn't want it."
Bran: "...


...when did Dad go to the hospital?"

Mom: "He woke up this morning with really bad bleeding, so he decided to go."

Bran: "...is there a reason you didn't mention this? It's not like we didn't see each other this morning."

Mom: "Well, I figure that when I call and ask you to do something and I say it's important, you should just know that I wouldn't say that unless it really was."

Bran: "...this is not about my bringing the DVD player, actually, this is about the fact that you didn't see fit to mention DAD BEING IN THE HOSPITAL."

Mom: *makes flimsy excuses that escape the memory because she's just been caught ACTING LIKE A FIVE YEAR OLD.*


So anyway, yeah. He was meant to have some tests this morning and then be released, according to Mom, but she called me at noon to say they're keeping him indefinitely. So---you know. Whatever's up with that.

I called the family I work for and told them the situation and took the afternoon off in an attempt to carve out some time for actual sleep. Woke up a couple hours later, unable to sleep anymore, despite the fact that I have, as of now, slept about...*mental math* 13 hours over the last five days. The screen is looking rather blurry, I must say.

Last night---no, actually, more like 3 o'clock this morning, I was talking on the phone to prof_pangaea and described the above conversation to him.

prof_: "You know how not long ago we were talking about how, like, so-and-so is what Luna Lovegood would be like in real life? Your mom is basically the Master."

Ladies and gentlemen, the Family Bran.

fic post!

him in the clouds
by Branwyn


fandom: Doctor Who
rating: R (I really mean that)
summary: Jenny is looking for her father.
pairing: Master/Jenny, Master/Doctor
warning: there's no actual sex in the story, but there are incest themes.

notes: bit_of_muslin and angevin2 kindly did not disown me when I made them read pieces of this, and, as usual, lizbee validated my id.

lizbee: [upon reading the final draft] Okay, that works. It totally works.
cesario: But I'm totally going to hell, right?
lizbee: Yes. You really are.


She was never a child.Collapse )



Twelve Hundred Hours
by Branwyn

fandom: HP
notes: part of my girl!Harry series. Prequel to Girl In the War. 5514 words.
pairing: heavy Rose/Snape UST, mentions of James/Sirius

summary: Sometimes Rose thinks her relationship with Snape is a lot more complicated than her relationship with any of her teachers ought to be.

Silence, and stealth of days! 'tis now
Since thou art gone,
Twelve hundred hours, and not a brow
But clouds hang on.

Henry Vaughan

hereCollapse )

Hamlet: Act 2, Scene II

Thanks to my crazy crazy sleeping schedule, I didn't post a Hamlet scene yesterday, but this one is so freakin' EPIC it ought to make up for it. Normally I knock these things out over a couple of hours, but this one's taken me all day. I'm dividing it up in two posts and putting the first half up while I work on the second so I don't have to worry about the computer eating all my efforts.

Also, GIP: infiniteviking made it based on the commentary for Act 1, Scene II. Is it not marvelous? You'll have to check with her whether it's for general ganking. I do feel special when people quote me in icons.

Previous post:

First Act:
Scene I: The Crazy Occult Forays of Marcellus and Horatio.
Scene II: Claudius is the villain, but he's still hotter than you.
Scene III: Ophelia's virginity is a national treasure. Just ask her dad and brother.
Scene IV: That a ghoooooooooost?
Scene V: "'Who's your daddy?' Now that's just inappropriate."

Second Act:
Act 2, Scene I: Happy families are all alike---they're totally fucked up.

Act 2, Scene II--Part One: It is impossible to sum up all the action in this scene in one pithy comment.Collapse )

COMING UP: The Players, some more crap from Polonius, and Hamlet's Really Fucking Long Monologue. No, not that one, the other one. No, not that one either---oh, nevermind.